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Product overview: GRANITE PAVING

At Pavevolution, our natural stone granite paving is very popular. We offer two mesmerizing and amazing colours Silver Grey and Midnight Grey, the most popular of the outdoor granite paving. Available in many sizes, single kits, linear planks or mixed patio kits. There are other colours out their available pink granite (which we do not sell). The other granites available are those you find in your kitchen tiles and worktop surfaces. Granite is a very versatile paving stone.

Why Choose Granite Paving?

One of the most durable and versatile of natural stone products. We have previously discussed the granite pavers in a previous article One of the least porous of the natural stones, a low maintenance stone. Granite doesn’t tend to soak up the water like other products. The hard-wearing granite stone makes it perfect for very heavy foot fall. This stone is often visible in town centres and public spaces due to the hard-wearing qualities attributed. Not only contemporary but a luxurious stone.

For longevity Pavevolution would recommend sealing the paving stone. This will not only help cleaning the stone with drinks spillages but will make stain removing easier. Again, there are various sealants available, but I would recommend using one of the branded products. In an earlier article we discussed sealants. Click the here to be taken there.




Silver-Grey granite paving
Midnight and Silver Grey granite paving planks

Is your garden paving facing the sun? Then I recommend this beautiful looking granite paving. This contemporary looking granite fine grains of quartz crystals will pop and shimmer your garden into life This light coloured granite has a variety of uses, whether you want this to stand out or to compliment an existing feature. If you like to host parties and the Silver Grey granite will be a talking point. It luxurious in comfort. This granite product is great to finish off your swimming pool surround. Its flamed texture is great for outdoor use and practical offering a slip resistant safeguard. We would recommend sealing the granite paving stone.

Click Silver Grey Granite to be taken to our product page and view our range.

Our Midnight Grey is more subtle of the two granite stones but once exposed to the wet British climate this will transform before your eyes. This blue-grey coloured stone with it’s natural black flecks dotted amongst the stone will turn black in colour, making it a favourite amongst the Pavevolution team. More commonly referred to as Blue-Grey/Black granite stone. This duel colour stone will not disappoint. Flamed for a textured non-slip surface. We would recommend sealing the granite paving stone.

Click Midnight Grey Granite to be taken to our product page and view our range.

Granite Sizes

Patio kit

Our 20mm granite paving stone are available in mixed patio kits, single patio kits and linear patio kits.

Our mixed patio kits come in four random size flagstones, 295×295, 295×600, 600×600 and 600×900 which will create a unique pattern. See our mixed patio pattern guide

Our linear patio kits are under 1 metre in length and avialable in full pack and half-pack patio kits. They cover 18.5 and 9.5sqm. 

The single patio kits are available in the following sizes, 600×300, 600×600, 600×900, and 900×150.

These are perfect for domestic use for your garden paving, pathways and terraces.

Silver Grey linear paving planks

Block Paving/Granite setts

Great for your driveway or border. Our 50mm block paving range is available in 150×150, 150×250 and 150×350 which are ideal for driveway use. The granite block paving or setts will be able to withstand the heavy load of a vehicle and cushion the impact. The Midnight Grey would be perfect match for this, but the colour choice is you.

These block paving can be used as granite setts if you wanted to create a feature or border. If you intend to use them as borders, please ensure you dig to the right depth before use.

If you have a large driveway area and wanted to create something different, you can order both sets of the granite colours. It will create a unique pattern and something to marvel when entering your driveway.

Planning a Project

If you’re planning a project, why not order a click on either picture Midnight Grey or Silver Grey to be taken to the sample area. Our samples are available to purchase. A sample will help demonstrate the variation that occurs in natural stone products which can vary in colour and texture and how these products will look for your upcoming project.

If you have any further questions or would like some advice please contact the project team at one of the dedicated team will be happy to help you with your project needs.

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