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What Garden Paving do I choose? When it comes to your garden choosing the right paving stone to fit your needs and design can be tricky. This essential guide hopes to make that decision process easier. 

Top tips - What should you be asking yourself before you begin choosing your GARDEN PAVING?

  • Set a budget? Laying a patio can be expensive but doesn’t have to be. Consider how much money you want to spend. Landscapers or Paving contractors can be just expensive as the stone, chargeable by the metre. 
  • What direction is the slabs facing? A lighter stone in the sun for example will be better than a darker stone in an area where no sunlight reaches.
  • Consider the size of the slab. Larger slabs will suit all spaces, while smaller slabs may make a small garden seem too busy. Beware though, large slabs can be tricky to manoeuvre especially if you don’t have side access. Landscapers or Paving contractors tend to prefer the large slabs 600×600 or 600×900 but don’t let there decision influence you.
  • Stone thickness? Calibrated or hand-cut stone? Calibrated stone is even in thickness which makes installation easier to lay. It is slightly more expensive of the two. Hand-cut stone varies in thickness 15mm up to 40mm, can take longer to lay.
  • All exterior paving slabs should be a minimum thickness of 20mm for all exterior use. Our Basalt and Granite are 20mm thick. Our Indian sandstone and Slate are calibrated 22mm thick. Always check with suppliers that they are suitable for exterior use.
  •  All block paving should be a minimum thickness of 50mm thick for domestic use. Anything less than that could crack under large and heavy vehicles. Always check with suppliers that they are suitable for driveway use.
  • Are you going to put a border around the garden paving design with setts, or a contrasting material?
  • What level of maintenance are you looking for in your garden paving design? Paving is far less maintenance than decking, but may still require a good clean up every so often. Sealants will help protect the stone longer. 
  • Finally, the importance of laying your stone, see our link and download our guide. 



Mixed Basalt Paving Stone

Basalt comes from the same igneous rock family as granite. Although it’s shares the same qualities and properties basalt is an exquisite looking stone. Our Ash Black Basalt is a versatile stone available in both block paving and patio paving, great for driveways, and garden paving, a beautiful contemporary stone. This two tone stone will blend in when dry or shine when wet. It will gradually weather over time but not as much as other natural stones. Flamed for a textured non-slip surface. Our basalt paving product range can be viewed by clicking here. Available both in block pavers and patio pavers, suitable for domestic use.


Mixed Granite Paving Stone

Granite still holds it own amongst the best of natural stones. Although it’s shares the same qualities and properties granite will never go away. It’s luxurious, modern and stunning. Available in colours Silver Grey and Midnight Grey the light grey shades work well for any exterior use. Like the Basalt it’s available in all sizes, but more favourable for garden paving, covering small or large areas. This hard-wearing and durable stone is low maintenance, which can be sealed to last longer. The Silver Grey is louder than it’s brother, the quartz crystals will sparkle under the sun. The Midnight Grey is quieter and equally as popular, this duel colour stone will not disappoint. Flamed for a textured non-slip surface. Our granite paving product range can be viewed by clicking here. Available both in block pavers and patio pavers, suitable for domestic use.


Mixed Rippon Buff Paving Stone

Once the go to of the natural stones before granite and slate became more popular. It was the cheaper version to the York stone. Indian sandstone is a classic looking stone. The sandstone is available in a multitude of colours, each with a distinctive variation of colour. It’s most popular of colours, Raj Green, Kandla Grey, Rippon Buff, Autumn Brown and Mint Fossil. all perfect garden paving stones choices. Available in mixed size patio kits or single size patio kits, they will sure to rejuvenate any garden design. A porus stone which means it will soak up water but hardened and durable this garden paving will weather over time. The flagstones surface finish can be riven or honed in texture. Our Indian Sandstone paving product range can be viewed by clicking here.


We don’t stock or sell this stone. Limestone is a cheaper alternative to  slate. The colour availability is limited. While durable like all natural stones the black limestone colour will normally fade over time. The most porus of the natural stones, while elegant in colour. The can be treated but check with your paving contractor. Another versatile stone suitable for indoors and outdoors. Limestone tends to flatter in texture compared to sandstone. Be careful should you use this for flooring as it will be prone to acidic liquid from domestic products. 


Porcelain stone is the new stone on the block. Commonly referred to as ‘Vitrified’ which means put through heat.It is readily available in a number of colours, sizes and patterns. It is fast becoming an alternate to the natural stone and expensive. This man made product is carefully manufactured bringing the following elements together, clays, quartzitic sand and feldspar put through a kiln and undergoes various processes before an avalanche of colour is added.  It is durable and less absorbent making it perfect for outdoor use in the British weather. For outdoor use thickness of the porcelain should be 20mm minimum. We don’t currently stock porcelain but this will be added to our paving stone range in future. 


Slate like limestone is another modern natural stone. The slate stone is going through a rejuvenation period thanks to Brazilian slate. Always a popular versatile stone, bathroom tiling, cladding, wet rooms, walling and flooring this stone wherever used will create a marvel both indoor and outdoor. The rustic copper and black slate are the two most common colours. The black slate is the most popular of slate garden paving stones, you can see why! Unlike the limestone this is both durable and user friendly in domestic use. Brazilian slate has become more popular over the cheaper Chinese and Indian slate that’s available today. Our black slate paving is 22mm thick suitable for domestic use. For indoor use walling or flooring we recommend thinner. We will be adding this product to our slate range in the future. Our slate paving product range can be viewed by clicking here.

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