Silver Grey Block Paving 8m2 - 150mm x 250mm x 50mm kits

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Our Silver Grey Granite block paving setts is now available to offer that extra dimension to your home which is certainly to add elegance to any driveway entrance with our natural stone. Our granite block paving setts will add style and sophistication to your driveway creating that contemporary bespoke driveway. Our snowy black speckled paving is lightly flamed with chamfer edging finish making it suitable for your driveway or even use for your garden setting.

Pavevolution’s Ash Black Basalt block paving is a three hundred fifty-five piece kit covering 8 square metres. The blocks are 50mm thick and suitable for heavy traffic and family vehicles.

Our block paving is suitable for borders, driveway patio, pathways and terraces.

£516.00 INCL. VAT

1 - 5 kits18.50 - 92.500%-
6 - 10 kits111.00 - 185.005%ANFIELD5
11 - 17 kits203.50 - 314.5010%SALAH10
18 - 26 kits333.00 - 481.0015%KLOPP15

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Imagine creating a jewel in the garden of your home, a contemporary or luxurious space.  The silver grey granite is magnificent, sprinkled with black speckles. Sit back and relax in comfort while time slows down, in your new modern outdoor space. With our granite range it will sure to impress family and friends. The beauty of the natural stone will certainly get people talking.

Pavevolution’s granite paving stone is a mesmerising visual of colour. It’s mix of grain like crystals and black sharp flecks. Each stone has it’s own characteristic, sparkling under the glistening sun its natural beauty will be revealed. A flamed top surface for a slip resistant safeguard, still comfortable when walking. The machine cut edges equally compliment the finish of the stones natural elegance.  A modern contemporary outdoor, a luxurious stone will transform your home and garden. A stone that continues to light the dullness.

Granite is a light-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below the Earth’s surface. Granite is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar and other minerals.

Pavevolution’s block paving setts can be mixed with our other block paving colours. All blocks are 50mm thick and available in following sizes; 100mm x 200mm and 150mm x 250mm. The 50mm thick blocks make it a stronger and more durable product, suitable for domestic use and or heavy vehicles on your driveway.

Our block paving is suitable for borders, driveway patio, pathways and terraces.

Additional information

Pack Weight



Silver Grey



Flag Size

150mm X 250mm

Surface Finish

Flamed/Chamfer Edging

Edge Finish




Total Pieces/Pack


Kit Coverage


1m2 Coverage


Natural Stone

Natural Granite Stone

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